Reconstructed, Refurbished, Revived

We exist to upgrade your wardrobe and upgrade your life by creating unique, one of a kind, re-imagined pieces of clothing tailored for you as the buyer.

"Upcycled Fashion saves the PLANET"

"Did you know that in today's society the mass production of clothing apparel has been an environmental hazer for quite some time. Our landfills are being consumed with a massive amount of clothes which are made out of non biodegradable material. This is NOT good for the environment. As a clothes sustainer, I use my brand and skills to help the environment by extending the life span of clothing apparel. Through this service I bring clothes back to life, upgrade your wardrobe, boost your self- esteem, encourage uniqueness and contribute to saving the planet."


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About Me

I am Allie Capo, founder and CEO of Capo Vintage. I have been given the gift of fashion and I am using my brand as a platform to operate in my calling. Fashion is a form of communication. It is a "conversation starter", it is a way of living. I also have the gift of sewing and I love being able to take pieces that were once old, recycled and worn down, revive them and make them new, giving the clothing pieces a whole new identity and a new home. The pieces are unique and I desire to use this skill to bring out the uniqueness in every customer. Thank you SO MUCH for your help and support.

With Love,